Posted on 2011 November 21 Monday


you want to write a blog… why? Well, sometimes there are things that need to be said, that’s why… not because it will do any good (it rarely does) or that it will change the world for the better (even rarer still), but because some things need to be said. Now, realize, for the most part, it will be things that I think need to be said and all things said are merely my thoughts on them. Take them or leave them.

That being said, I will contradict myself. I will be ebullient, erudite, obscure, and moribund. I am (sadly) a human being and suffer from the same conditions, emotions, nobleness, failings, largesse and selfishness that everyone else does, but I do try to be honest in it, even with my dishonesty.

If you would like me to address a particular theme/issue/idea, feel free to email it to me. I don’t promise to write about it, but I’ll at least entertain the possibility.

Basically, this is what I think, random musings to myself for the world to see, for ill or boon, sober reflections and drunk musings, despondent rants and euphoric epiphanies… If you enjoy, great! If you learn something, are provoked to thought, or your life is changed for the better, wonderful! If not, well, peace be with you…