‘Twas the Morning of Christmas…

Posted on 2011 December 25 Sunday


Xmas Aftermath

‘Twas the morning of Christmas and all through the house,

The Mouse ran a screaming ’cause she was sugar soused.

The Wife in her robe, with disheveled hair,

Muttered to herself, with a semi-coherent stare.

And Poppa, with his eyes so bloodshot and thick,

Fixed another pot of coffee, Prayin’ “Caffeine, work quick!”

Lucy (the Dog) gnawed her new bone,

While ruslin’ of discarded paper echoed through our home.

The mornings activities began ’round five AM

With The Mouse whimpering and whining “Is it Time? Is it Time?“, Again and again

(… and again and again and again and again

… and again and again and again and again)

With a groan of, “Alright! Dear Lord, OK!”

The Wife and I resigned to our fate.

The Mouse LEAPED from our bed, landing with a PLOP!

Right on top of the dog (whose snoring FINALLY stopped!)

Our slumber they’d invaded, ’round ’bout one o’clock,

Which meant for the past few hours I ‘slept’ in a 1 foot slot.

In a bed meant for two,

Now three [four adding Pooh]

(With an elbow and knee pushed in tender spots,

I’d slept very little since at least 2 o’clock)

After checking the pooch (the damage was slim)

The Mouse raced to the Tree; let the Chaos begin!

With cry of great glee, The Mouse dove into the pile,

The Wife and I hoped it would take her awhile.

But, alas, before we could take one pic,

In the blink of an eye, it was over that quick.

Packages that were picked carefully and wrapped with great care,

Now were demolished, ripped open, laid bare

Their prizes of toys, of goodies and games

Lay strewn round about to much joy and exclaims.

“Oh Momma, Oh Poppie, Santa was here!

He brought me my Barbies! My Castle! Oh Dear!

But where are your presents? He brought Lucy a bone?!

Didn’t you get anything to call your very own?”

I looked at The Wife, saw a tear in her eye,

Then scooped up The Mouse, tossed her high in the sky.

“Sweet Mouse are you happy? Did you have a fun day?”

She laughed as she flew and smiled so gay!

“Yes, Poppa, I did! I had so very much fun!”

“Then, sweet daughter of ours, Santa did come.

He brought you some presents and gave you a smile.

That’s all that we asked for, for you, dear child.”

We cuddle, we three, (Lucy still gnawed on her bone)

And were so thankful that we all were at home.

We’ve our health and our family, a sweet child’s laugh.

What more could we want, what more could we ask?

From Our Family to Yours, We wish all the same:

May you have your health hearty, of naught to complain,

Loved one’s close round you, and their spirits’ all high,

Merry Christmas and New Years, from  far and from nigh.

And now I exclaim, before this blogs off the site,

Blessings, dear friends, and and to You All G’night.