Friday Frage

Posted on 2012 January 6 Friday


Lunar cycle change: apropos for the topic today.. maybe?

Ok… The title of this is a work in progress. I’m trying to publish longer articles on Saturday & Monday, try to get another one mid-week-ish through the week. On other days (right now I’m looking at Friday and Wednesday) posting something more random and reader-response type. So, being a fan of alliteration, I am trying to come up with something catchy to call those posts. Friday Funday isn’t the best, but it can be a starting point, I guess.

Anyway, Question of the Day: Is it our circumstances or our reactions that define us? i.e. Am I having a bad day or is a bad day having me?

And sort of a corollary question: What is it that motivates you to make changes in your world? I’m not really talking about knowing you need to make a change, but what pushes you to actually do the change and keep going through?

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