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Firinne Uisce Beatha:

What an amazing idea. Art has an impact, especially when we participate. More to come on this…

Originally posted on TED Blog:

TED Fellow Candy Chang creates art installations that are interactive, in a chalk and marker sense of the word.

In this talk given at TEDGlobal 2012, Candy gave an emotional glimpse at the installation “Before I Die I Want To _______,” which she created last year in her neighborhood in New Orleans. Inspired by the death of a dear friend, Candy turned an abandoned home into a giant chalkboard where her neighbors could pick up a piece of chalk and fill in the sentence any way they pleased. A few of their answers: “Before I die I want to be on Broadway.” “Before I die I want to find love.” “Before I die I want to hug a sloth.” “Before I die I want to be completely myself.”

Candy Chang "Before I Die I Want To"

“This neglected space became a constructive one,” says Candy in her moving talk. “It’s about knowing you’re not alone, it’s…

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