Arne and the Mommies II: “My son had great test scores…”

Posted on 2013 November 23 Saturday


Reclaim Reform

“My son had great test scores, so I’m not really worried,” said many mommies and daddies of varying races, ethnicities, socioeconomic statuses, geographic locations, etc.

What’s wrong with that?

During the Dark Ages throughout Europe doctoral candidates were expected to rationally discuss and defend the answer to, “How many angels could fit on the head of a pin?” This went on for hundreds of years in institutions of higher learning.
Pathetic, huh?

The Race to the Top created by Arne Duncan financially rewards schools and districts who score well using CCSS. The Common Core State Standards and all of the various brands of testing, texts and programs attached to CCSS are equally as questionable as the quality of the test question about angels and pins. True tests must possess validity (Do they test what they are supposed to test?) and reliability (Are the results reproducible in their various forms?) to…

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