About Me (on going)…

I guess this is the part where I try and say a little about myself… something I’ve never exceedingly good at.

Check back often: I’ll update it as things occur to me.

I guess if you want to know something, ask me. Maybe it’ll even turn into a FAQ Page…

Random factoids:

I’m currently in my early 40’s.

I have 1 wife (The Wife), 1 daughter (The Mouse), 1 dog (Lucy) and assorted other family both by blood and by choice.

I have a BA in English and Minors in Music and German. I am certified to teach English, Speech, and Theatre.

I have a 4th Degree Black Belt in Musha Ryu Aikijutsu, 2nd Degree Black Belt in Kenjutsu, 1st Degree Black Belt in Bojustsu, 1st Degree Black Belt in Kobijitsu and a Senior Brown Belt in Katami-jitsu.

Violence is not always the answer, but it is always an option.

I believe that almost all things can be good, in moderation. (note: do NOT use this as an excuse for illicit drugs-that shit’ll kill ya, dead)

I am passionate about few things, but when it strikes, watch out.

Education in the Arts is not dispensable, optional, or extra-curricular. It is a vital part of being human.

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  1. Thanks, Louise! I may take a turn at that. I did something similar during Snow-maggedon ’11 when I was staving off craziness from being off work for several weeks because of the weather, but was only via Facebook posts. I was just wondering what kind of information people wanted to know about me for my Who is…/About page, general Q&A about me. I mean, doe sit really matter that I’m married w/child or that I’m a teacher, or that I love the color purple.

    Thanks for reading and caring enough to respond!


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