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Don’t Believe Me…

January 1, 2013


(It’s been several months, so I’m rusty… I hope you don’t mind that I’m writing again… and if you do, well, I’ll let you deal with that.) Please don’t believe me. Or even listen to me as if I know anything about anything. I’m just guessing here, making various choices based on my own experiences […]


June 8, 2012


Well, I went silent again. Unintentionally. Sorry about that. It’s not that I didn’t have something to write about. Anyone who knows me personally know a couple of issues have kept me busy, but now it’s time to deal with the aftermath, shift into the next ‘event’. It’s interesting to note that it is in […]

February 5, 2012


Originally posted on Wayfarer:
Studying lines for a production “The Servant of Two Masters” I have a confession to make. I was a theatre major in college (yes, complete with the snooty but appropriate “re” spelling). I’ll wait for you to stop snickering. Judson University (it was Judson College when I attended), the small liberal arts…

A Teeny Tiny Children’s Story or The Shin Bone’s Connected to the Soup Bone

January 8, 2012


(Sorry it’s been a while… I’m back!!!) I was reading The Mouse a bedtime story the other night from The Random House Book of Easy To Read Stories (1993). It’s a pretty interesting book. It has a Berenstain Bears story, some by Dr. Seuss, A Richard Scarry Busytown tale. Oh, and P. D. Eastman’s “Dog […]

Friday Frage

January 6, 2012


Ok… The title of this is a work in progress. I’m trying to publish longer articles on Saturday & Monday, try to get another one mid-week-ish through the week. On other days (right now I’m looking at Friday and Wednesday) posting something more random and reader-response type. So, being a fan of alliteration, I am […]

What do YOU think?

January 5, 2012


Thinking about starting a couple of mini-posts/response type articles on my ‘off’ days, like a question of the week, pet-peeves, random finds/likes, things that catch my attention, ponderings, naval introspection. So what do you think? Good idea? Willing to play along?

Of Ideals, Tebow’s and I doh’s…

January 4, 2012


True religion is real living; living with all one’s soul, with all one’s goodness and righteousness. – Albert Einstein Now I admit I am not a sports fan. I don’t dislike sports, but I have never understood the obsession with any ‘game’. I played soccer growing up and was competitive on the field, did whatever […]