Things I like… (articles, vids, pics, stuff)

Links and things that I truly enjoy. Hope you do, too. And If not, oh well…

TED Talks – everything and anything and it’s ALL AWESOME!!!

Sir Ken Robinson – This man has changed my paradigm… or perhaps clarified it…

10 Ways Being a Theatre Major Prepared Me for Success 

Hacking begin in… 1903?!?! Interesting article: Dot-dash-diss: The Gentleman Hacker’s 1903 lulz

And that’s why you should pick your battles… 

Good Minus God: The Moral Atheist – Excellent article. NOT a diatribe against believers OR nonbelievers of any stripe.

Wal-mart- By the (Frightening) Numbers

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  1. Love the pick your battles article. A girlfriend of mine sent that to me, I suppose that it reminded her of me- lol


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